e5 / e6 전기차 로더

Model AVANT e5 AVANT e6
Length 2470 mm 2550 mm
Width (standard wheels) 1130 mm 1130 mm
Height 1985 mm 1985 mm
Weight 1520 kg 1400kg
Standard wheels 23x10.5-l2 "Grass/TR 23x10.5-l2 "Grass/TR
Transmission, drive hydrostatic hydrostatic
Drive speed max. 10 km/h 10 km/h
Auxiliary hydraulics oil flow / pressure 30 I/m 30 I/m
Turning radius inside/outside 995/2050 mm 995/2050 mm
Max. lifting height 2790 mm 2790 mm
Tipping load 900 kg 900 kg
Battery type Lead-acid Lithium-ion
Fuel Electric Electric

  • Avant e5 is a full electric battery powered articulated loader. It enables the use of a loader in a space that does not allow any emissions or where operations have noise restrictions etc. Avant e5 can use standard Avant attachments and it has auxiliary hydraulic outlet on front with 30 l/min flow.
    • Battery powered
    • Charging unit included in machine
    • Standard Avant attachments fit
    • No emissions
    • Minimal noise level
    • Low operation cost